Saturday, 22 February 2014

Narendra Modi Best Interview Collections on Youtube

Narendra Modi interview must watch best speech forever

Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister of Gujarat since 2001 and he is the member of BJP and the Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP lead NDA for the upcoming elections 2014.

Narendra Modi is regarded as a youthful and energetic leader with innovative thoughts. Modi  is the real leader of country's overwhelmingly young population because he thinks and responds in a way which connects him to the youth. Modi understands people's problems and communicates with them all the time. That is why he is the true leader of the people.

So, the fact is that India want to see Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister, and according to media he is regarded is crowd picker so every youth want to listen Modi Speech, Interviews and each and every words he use to speak about.

To fulfill your desire, here is some of the best interview collections on youtube which any one want to listen at more and more. So the journey begins with Narendra MODI.....

Narendra Modi run away from studio during interview by Karan Thapar

Narendra Modi's Exclusive Interview with Wall Street Journal

Slap on the face of Congi Agent Karan Thapar 

Narendra Modi's interview with Headlines Today

Angry Narendra Modi's Tight Slap to Reporter

Salman Khan and Narendra Modi Live Interview

Narendra Modi Interview with Rajeev Shukla

Q&A session with Narendra Modi at India Today Conclave

Narendra Modi in Aap ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma on INDIATV

Seedhi Baat with Narendra Modi at Aaj Tak

Narendra Modi's Answer To Those Idiots Who Talk Non Sense About RSS

Dr Subramanian Swamy talks about Narendra Modi role in Gujarat 2002 riots

Narendra Modi Speak for Lata Mangeshkar

Narendra Modi's Tight Slap to Nitish Kumar A Must Watch

Inspiring motivational Narendra Modi IIT Speech

Just See how confident Narendra Modi made Arnab Goswami sweat in live TV interview

I think that after watching these best youtube collections you are now full of self confidence, energetic and you are the best person to to describe in your own words. If you have some of the best Narendra Modi interview collections, you are free to share with us.

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