Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Reset Your Mozilla Firefox Master Password

Mozilla Firefox has inbuilt features using you can save username and password of websites you login. But how to reset Firefox password if you have forgotten it. Actually every browser has this inbuilt features to save username and password of websites you visit  only you have to click on the popup dialogue appear on your screen showing message "Remember Password for this Website". 

It offers master password facility of it's users to protect and save all the passwords from unauthorized users.  Using master password facility every time you login, will appear a popup box and ask for master password to enter into the dialogue. If it matches with your master password then it automatically enters the username and the password of website you want to login. 

Reset Firefox master password

If you have forgotten your master password, you must know how to reset it.

Warning: Resetting Firefox master password will remove all of your saved usernames and passwords.

In the Firefox address bar, enter the following location:

and Press Enter
The "Reset Master Password" page will appear. Click on  the Reset button, to reset your master password.

Now all your usernames passwords gets flushed so you need to again save all the usernames of website you login.

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