Monday, 15 September 2014

Windows: How to Hide/Unhide Hard Disk Partition using Command Prompt

People generally use drive locker to lock or unlock hard drive partition on their systems to protect data from unauthorized access. Use of software for this task is quite tricky when you forget password because in general life it is difficult to manage passwords from your laptop to ATM. 

So to get rid of this problem we can suggest you to use this method using which you can hide or unhide hard disk partition your windows laptops without use of any software.

So let's start diskpart prompt to do our task. For this open Command Prompt, it will be much better when you open "CMD" as an administrator.

Now, on cmd prompt type "Diskpart". After few seconds you will be prompted to "Diskpart" prompt.

Type "List Vol" so that you can see all the volumes or drives attached to your PCs as shown in the above figure. Using this command you can find the particular drive information like it's volume number, letters associated with it, labels (if any), file system type, size, status and info.

Now select the dive letter which you want to remove as:

DISKPART>  list vol
DISKPART> select vol 4

Finally remove the letter associated with this drive.

DISKPART> remve letter E 

When you press enter you will get a message : Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point. After completion of this step your selected drive will be no longer visible to you and no doubt others.

To gain access to this partition again you need to follow the same steps but in place of remove letter you need to enter assign letter. So lets look into this method:

To bring back or unhide partition , select volume which you want to unhide and assign letter to the selected volume. In some cases when you release a particular letter windows automatically assign it to others,  so first check whether the letter which you are going to assign is not in use, otherwise you can assign any other letter.

DISKPART>  list vol
DISKPART>  select vol 4
DISKPART> assign letter E 

After the completion of this step you can see the particular volume. For more tech stuff stay connected on G+, Facebook, Twitter.

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